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ABOUT GRS (Golden Rule Society)

Welcome... We've been helping Children Nationwide and Worldwide since 1972.

Our GRS is led and managed exclusively by successful men and women who reach out to welcome every child with access to the Internet.   GRS offers a number of beneficial educational, motivational, inspirational, and character building programs to ALL children but with special affinity for children of Military Service Members, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement Personnel and all who Protect and Serve.


Our GRS is helping children to be successful in life.  The Memberships in our programs are free to every child of every age anywhere in the world.  We can’t exclude any children so we include all children. 

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Senator John McCain Presents Presidential Award to Mr. Len Kaine

Senator John McCain Presents Presidential Award to Mr. Len Kaine

Senator John McCain pins the "President's Life Time Achievement Award for Volunteer Service" on Len Kaine , President of the Golden Rule Society

The award was presented during the 50th Anniversary of the US Navy's Carrier Combat Pilot's Association in Reno Nevada (September 2006).  Senator McCain was the guest speaker for over 3,350 attendees at this annual convention.

The Focus is making for a better world.

Our philosophy is simple...

"To better the lives of others is your life's greatest reward...
which makes the rest of your life the best of your life."


A commendable aspect to the GRS business model is that 100% of the funds raised by the organization help children and non-profit beneficiaries. In fact, in the four decades since the GRS began more than three million lives are estimated to have been touched and improved by the very generous outreach programs offered by the GRS

About the President of the GRS.

During the Vietnam War both Senator McCain and Mr. Kaine were Navy pilots flying combat missions over North Vietnam .  Kaine is a retired Navy Captain with over 100 combat missions.  He has two Distinguished Flying Crosses, seven combat Air Medals plus a number other Navy awards to his credit. 

During his second career, as an airline pilot, Kaine founded and took the helm of the GRS in 1972.  His first major fund-raising program substantially benefited POW/MIA families.  Kaine has been at the epicenter of many highly successful programs and activities benefiting children in all 50 States and 15 other countries.  His exuberance, innovation, and hard work have not gone unnoticed:      

1. Kaine's  2017 and 2014 Nobel Peace Prize nominations were submitted by USA Congressman Scott Peters, Representing California’s 52nd District. (He was One of 150+ individuals nominated worldwide and was a Runner-Up for the 2014 Award)
Click here for the Nomination: Len Kaine Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

 2.   Kaine's 2003 Nobel Peace Prize nomination was submitted by California 's State Assembly Leader, and later Senator, David Cox.

 3.  President's 2005 Volunteer Service Award; Gold Medal and Citation for his charity work—2005

 4.  The U. S. Department of Veteran Affairs awarded him the 2010 Veteran of the Year for the Golden Rule Society. It was one of eight awards from two Congressmen, a State Assemblywoman and four other Veterans Groups—2010

 5.  Selected as a motivational speaker for weekday blog-talk-radio broadcasts in the USA, sharing the Golden Rule Society philosophy to help make it a better world--- since 2011 through current date.

  6. Conducted a national program called “Rebirth of America” (ROA) with the Reverend Jesse Epps, a partner of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Reverend Epps is the leader of “Neighbors Uniting American Families” (NUAF). The goal was to gather citizen’s signatures to support and benefit neighborhoods for peace and harmony throughout the USA and then the world---2013 & 2014.

 7.  As its president, Golden Rule Society was named the ' USA Charity of Choice’ to tell citizens of the American Hero Card which benefits our Troops, Veterans and their families---2010

 8. Community Spirit Award from International Committee of Kiwanis International—2003

 9. Placed on the National Roll of Honor in Washington , DC —2002

 10. A California Excellence Award was presented by the Small Business Institute for Excellence for 2013. The US Commerce Association’s Best of Coronado Award for Charitable Institutions ---2009, 2011, 2013, 2014 & 2015.

 11.  "Hero Award" for his charity work from New Vision, Inc.—2001

 12.  Was a Contender for the "Extra Mile Award" in Washington D.C. (similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame)—2005

 13.  Accolades and Letters of Commendation from 49 State Governors---2003

 14.  Letter of Commendation from the Under Secretary of Defense (Director of Youth Activities) ----2002

 15.  Thank You!” certificates from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Chief of Naval Operations—2002

 16.  Multiple proclamations from the Mayor of Coronado, CA for Golden Rule Society Week (Annual 4th of July event)

 17.  Recognized by a number of local and national newspaper articles for Golden Rule Society’s many contributions.

 18.  Nominated for CNN’s 2011 Hero of the Year Award.

 19.  A top Contender for the 2014 Coronado Man of the Year Award.

 20.  Selected a Hero by the city of Coronado CA in the “Avenue of Heroes” program for his life saving combat fighter tactics over North Vietnam. He's in good company on the same avenue with General "Jimmy" Doolittle.

 21.  Len was named an Honorary Member of the National Committee of Star-Spangled America, and the Golden Rule Society is now a member of its National Coalition: 2015

 22.  Len was selected as the 2016 Coronado California's CEO of the Year by “Corporate America-News”

“Since 1972 our Golden Rule Society  has been supporting our Troops, Veterans and their families.

During these difficult times, we have expanded our outreach, offering jobs as Independent Representatives to all Americans who want part time or full time work.

It's free to all who want or need extra income.  

Churches and charities benefit by helping our job seekers.

And, the program provides our nation’s small and medium size business owners increased profits through greater exposure at a reduced cost.”

“Everyone wins”, added Kaine.

A Proven Approach to Success in Life

GRS believes all children should have an opportunity for a successful life.  GRS vastly improves their opportunities and their chances by sharing with the children, their parents, and relatives the wisdom and discipline of history’s most successful people.  GRS is teaching young adults how to make their hopes and dreams come true. And, Kaine adds, “It's a logical guarantee that children, of all ages, who take advantage of our program will be more successful in life!” 


     Len and Anne Kaine

Anne has spent a lifetime helping others, from her early days as a volunteer church organist to her current volunteer positions. She is the Vice President and co-founder of the Golden Rule Society ( GRS ) charity. Beginning in 1972, she has assisted in directing the GRS efforts to help children in all 50 states and more than 15 other countries. Anne, like all senior staff and advisors, is a non-paid volunteer.

In addition to her recent nomination for the L’Oreal Corporation’s “Worldwide Woman of Worth Award”, Anne has been the proverbial “mover and shaker” in
GRS . She has taken center stage as one of the tacticians and innovators and is widely recognized for her many efforts in GRS's extraordinarily successful achievements which benefit children, churches and charities, nationwide and worldwide.

Along with her other services, she was an active volunteer with the Children’s Home Society of California for more than 35 years.

And if that wasn’t enough selfless service to others, since 2008, she has been deeply involved in the worldwide sisterhood “Philanthropic Educational Organization” (PEO) as they help young women to further their education.

Plus, she’s a manager of Coronado's Episcopal Church Thrift Shop helping to raise money for the needy, and assists in conducting the responsibilities of the church’s Altar Guild as well. 

Len readily admits that without Anne, the many accolades and awards which recognized the numerous achievements of
GRS would not have been possible. 
The old adage, “behind every successful man is a wonderful and supportive woman,” is very true in Len’s case. The many accomplishments Len and
GRS have been associated with are possible in great part due to the support, and the dedication of his wife Anne, the love of his life for more than five-decades.

Len and Anne, along with their Advisors and volunteers are helping multi-thousands to be more successful in life.

Enjoy your visit and learn how you can benefit from their efforts, just as children, churches, charities plus so many others are benefiting from their charitable work. 

GRS provides top-notch opportunities for you and others to be more successful in life. With these opportunities comes great personal support - a combination that can't be beat! 

As Len says, "Do business with someone you know, like and trust". His many friends and business associates all agree, Len Kaine is that person.  Through his commitment, experience, and expertise Len has established business and charitable relationships with successful people that will last a lifetime!
Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, etc.,... 
Do you want a better life for the kids in your life? Would you give a one-time gift to a child that lasts a lifetime and will guarantee him or her greater success in life? Of course you would. We all want that for our children and eventually for their children. 

We’ll share with you, and the children you love, the wisdom and guidance of history’s most successful people, teaching children how to make their hopes and their dreams come true. And, I guarantee everyone in our program that follows the teachings of history’s most successful people will be more successful in their life. 

Here’s the answer to your question when you ask each other, “What shall we get the children for birthdays, holidays, etc.?” Click Be a Sponsor and learn how you can be a Sponsor to help keep your children on the right path in life. It's a lifetime gift that will outlast all others. Our program is guaranteed to provide the heartwarming benefits to you and yours. And, the value far exceeds the minimal donation. We do all the work of showing your loved ones how to always do the right thing and also stay away from drugs, alcohol and other self-destructive behavior. 

As a Sponsor you will receive a lifetime of appreciation for making a positive impact in the life of someone you care about. Plus you’ll receive other nice surprises because we believe in always giving more than is expected. 

For all others, “Do you have the Right Stuff?” Choose our Premium Success Team or our regular G3 Success Gang . Children of all ages are welcome. It’s open to those who want greater success in life. Take the time to visit the Nav buttons to see all we offer in making you more successful.

Len Kaine, 
President Golden Rule Society, Inc