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1. Question: How much of the money raised goes to charity?
Answer: That's easy. It's 100% of the net funds raised. We have to pay our very low overhead costs but we're still non-paid volunteers.

2. Question: How does the Golden Rule Society raise money for charities and churches?
Answer: With the connections made in 41 years of flying I've been fortunate to have established a vast network of friends and celebrities that are willing to give of their time, their talents and their donated prizes. They know that this Swap Shop program benefits many other charities, including their favorites. Churches and Charities keep up to 100% of the money they raise. It depends on which program charities choose for their fundraising. They also know it benefits people like you. We are continually seeking additional "Freebies" that we put on our site to benefit all the members in the Golden Rule Society. We are happy to share them with the Churches and Charities that register with us.

3. Question: Do you have any other Fund Raising Programs besides your Swap Shop?
Answer: We have some programs available to anyone interested in helping others and being rewarded for their time and talents. Visit We're always working on other ways to serve Churches and Charities. Whenever we get a program that's viable we offer it to our members. Everyone seems to like that.

4. Question: How can I help?
Answer: Tell your friends about the many benefits they can enjoy though the Golden Rule Society. And be sure that your favorite church or charity knows how we're trying to help. I know that you receive numerous requests for donations to charity.

As a reminder,
1. We don't share your info with anyone not part of our support team.
2. We don't accept money from any government agency or program.
3. We do accept donations from individuals and businesses.

Tell them to contact us at - You'll be doing them a big favor.

5. Question: Is there something I can give to a business that might want to offer a discount to Golden Rule Society Members?
Answer: Yes, tell them to contact us at or have them email us at  
(To avoid spam the e-mail link has been set to text. Please just copy and paste the above text email address in your message.)

You'll be doing them and yourself a big favor.

Thank you kindly,
Captain Len Kaine, President

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