The Golden Rule Society - A Charity Helping Children since 1972

Last update: 05/30/2017




Welcome to the Golden Rule Society

Our philosophy is simple...
"To better the lives of others is your life's greatest reward...   
which makes the rest of your life the best of your life."

Our goal is "World Peace through living the Golden Rule.


And, we modernized the Golden Rule from the books of the world's eight major religions to say... "Treat others the way you want to be treated... Truthfully with Dignity and Respect."

Most of our programs are free and some are better than free as they benefit everyone involved.

We truly welcome every child, young adult and grown-up who has access to the Internet into our educational, motivational, inspirational and character building program, with special affinity for children of Military Service Members, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement Personnel, and all who Protect and Serve.

The Golden Rule Society (GRS) is led and managed by non-paid volunteers and 100% of the net funds raised by the organization go to help children and non-profit beneficiaries. 

Millions of lives have been touched and improved by the very generous outreach programs offered by the GRS

Watch this short video before clicking any of the links to better understand all the great opportunities presented.


Our goal in life is to help as many people as we can to be more successful in life.
Join with us in making it a "Better World".

1. Click the About GRS Nav button to find all about our charity. 
It benefits YOU and everyone involved. 

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And, for those interested in a College Scholarship click Scholarship Opportunities for further research.

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Len Kaine, 
President Golden Rule Society, Inc